PrintWare and Visitor Registration Ltd (VRL) have had a close business relationship for more than a decade.

It was apparent very early that PrintWare were committed to their products and services.


PrintWare are not in the business of supplying a box and then pointing you to the manufacturers web site. PrintWare are expert in all aspects of their products. From initial installation, to optimal performance and the biggie – when things go wrong, PrintWare stand by their products and services.


If an issue can’t be resolved by phone, PrintWare are ready to roll their sleeves up and own the problem themselves. In a world of consumer products where it’s all about volume and moving boxes it’s becoming impossible to find genuine experts that know and research all aspects of the products and services supplied.


Over the years we have asked PrintWare for hardware solutions to incorporate into our software appliance. PrintWare have researched the requirement, identified the best solution, have become expert in all aspects of the solution, sourced a supplier and provided VRL with an ‘off the shelf’ purchasing advantage.


As a company VRL have been able to grow significantly as we haven’t needed to worry about what is the best hardware, the source, the logistics, exchange rates and warranties. If we need something we order it from PrintWare. If it breaks, then PrintWare handles warranty, replacement and obsolescence.


VRL have built a reputation supplying a market leading visitor management ‘appliance’ – a device combining our software together with the hardware and expertise provided by PrintWare, bringing a number of different technologies together – printers, scanners, touch screens, computers, tablets, software and consumables, as a single entity.

“Our success is built on the VRL/PrintWare partnership.
I look forward to many more years of PrintWare and VRL growing together.”
John Peat
Visitor Registration Ltd

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