5 ways your office could benefit from all-in-one touchscreen PCs

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5 ways your office could benefit from all-in-one touchscreen PCs

While the trend in modern business computing is to the portable, there are a surprisingly large number of businesses who still want – and need – the desktop-type computer. If portability or mobility isn’t a priority, then the user experience with a desktop can be very productive and hard to beat.

We can divide desktop computers into two broad categories – the all-in-one computer, with the computer built into the screen, and the more traditional, chunkier desktop or tower boxes that attach to a separate monitor. All-in-one designs, especially those with the addition of touch and gesture recognition display technology, are fast gaining in popularity

All-in-one PCs for business

One of the key reasons people go for all-in-one PCs is the ergonomics of having a larger screen, keyboard and mouse, without the need to fiddle with USB connections and docking stations. All-in-one computers are also less likely to be stolen or lost – after all, have you ever left a desktop on the bus or train?

So, irrespective of whether you have a home office with a great view of the beach or a traditional office looking out onto a streetscape, there’s definitely a place in the modern office for the all-in-one PC with touchscreen technology.

Why must you use all-in-one touchscreen PCs in your business?

  1. Saved space: In today’s office environment, real estate is expensive – and many businesses are often tight on space, making any space-saving business technology solution very appealing. The best part about an all-in-one computer is there’s no separate bulky box or tower – and while notebook computers are great, anyone who sits for hours at a desk will want and need a larger monitor. All-in-one PCs could be just the answer.
  2. Good looks: All-in-one computers have very clean, thin and sleek lines, making them ideal for businesses in certain industries, for example, hospitality, finance or medical, where you might need a computer in a public place. An all-in-one touchscreen PC can help make your lobby, reception desk or other front office look smarter and more professional.
  3. Increased efficiency: Younger generations especially appreciate the aesthetic of a touchscreen computer and immediately understand how efficient they can be to work with. It takes less time to touch an icon than it does to navigate to it and click it using a mouse. While this may seem minor, when you add up the programs you open daily, the efficiencies quickly become apparent.
  4. Improved communication: Using a touchscreen PC can also improve interactions between colleagues and customers. For example, a client or colleague is much more likely to be engaged in your demo or training session when they can interact by touching the screen than if they have to use a mouse or keyboard. Not only can all-in-one touchscreen computers be used as shared work terminals on which customers and staff can collaborate, they also make excellent interactive retail kiosks – for example, you own a cake shop and you want to enable customers to be able to choose a cake and decorations via the touchscreen of your all-in-one computer; or you run a medical practice and you want patients to fill out forms using the touchscreen of your waiting room’s all-in-one PC.
  5. Potentially less strain: If you’re adding a touchscreen to your mouse-and-keyboard mix, you’ll be using a wider range of motion, which has the potential to reduce any repetitive strain or RSI issues.


Touchscreen technology for your business

While many businesses will continue using the old standby of desktop PCs with wired keyboards and mice, if you’re thinking about upgrading your business technology, take a look at the various all-in-one touchscreen PCs available on the market. A good example is the feature-rich ASUS all-in-one PC A4110 series, one of the best all-in-one PCs available.

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