All in one touch PC – open up a new world of possibilities

All in one touch PC

All in one touch PC – open up a new world of possibilities

Can you imagine a life without your computer?

In a relatively few short years, the personal computer or ‘PC’ has become an indispensable part of the lives of just about everyone on the planet. At first, computers were large, bulky machines that took up a whole room were manipulated using punch cards and could only handle simple functions relatively slowly.

The personal computer as we know it today is much different. It has enabled us to live a fun, and definitely a more productive life. Now, almost every home and workplace have a personal computer that’s faster and more powerful than their predecessors. However, for those who want a sleek and efficient machine without the complexity of the traditional desktop PC, the all in one touch PC offers some truly unique features and advantages.

Feature-rich all in one touch PCs:

Desktop computers need several components to function. There’s the computer box or tower to house all the internal parts, such as the processor, hard drive, video and sound cards. Then there are the monitor, keyboard, and mouse – all hooked up to the box or tower.

An all in one PC, on the other hand, is an entire computer system in which the internal components that would have gone into the box or tower are built into one main component, usually behind the LCD screen.

Herein lies one of the top reasons for buying an all in one PC – because it includes everything in one retail ‘box’. The fact all in one PCs have all their components inside one component provides a level of convenience second to none, enabling you to simply plug it into the power socket and turn it on. From the elimination of cable clutter and set-up hassles to the convenient positioning of ports, everything about the design of the all in one touch PC is focused on being as user-friendly as possible.

An obviously significant advantage of an all in one touch PC is its small hardware footprint, which can be particularly useful for small work spaces. One way manufacturers save on space when designing all in one PCs is by using laptop components or similar technology, allowing all in one PCs to take advantage of all the benefits of laptops, such as using less power and generating less heat, without sacrificing computing power.

Soon after manufacturers started building all in one PCs, they also realized they could add features that would have been difficult on traditional PCs. One such feature that is pretty much becoming the norm for all in one PCs is the touch screen. Touch screen all in one PCs allow users to interact with the computer right on the screen with their fingers or a stylus. Some even feature multi-touch screens, allowing users to manipulate the screen with a pinch, rotate and scroll two-finger commands similar to that available on tablets.

Touch screen interactivity takes a technological leap with the ASUS A4110

Among the best all in one touch screen computers is the ASUS all in one A4110, featuring everything you need — processor, storage, memory, display and more — all in a sleek and self-contained design. It features next generation Intel® processor power, with support for up to 8GB of memory, to deliver easy multitasking and enhanced performance. All up, the ASUS A4110 provides a technological leap in touchscreen interactivity with full 10-finger multi-touch capability, enabling pinch-to-zoom, rotate images, and scroll through web pages, all with ease.


Compact Design for Convenience

The model is designed for very flexible usage and convenient connectivity, making it ideal for a growing business. Equipped with COM ports, USB 3.0 ports, VGA port and HDMI-out, it can easily connect to other commercial devices, from barcode readers to point-of-sale systems.

Wireless keyboard and wireless mouse compatibility

While you can do most things by touching on the screen, there are still times when the traditional keyboard and mouse is needed. No problem with the Asus A4110. it comes with a beautifully designed full-size wireless keyboard and wireless mouse that complements the sleek minimalist design of the A4110 screen

Touch Screen with Anti-Glare Solution

The 16-inch touch screen of the ASUS A4110 all in one PC means it’s the ideal touch screen computer for those times when you don’t need or want a large screen, for example when presenting something in a public space, where a large screen may simply not be appropriate. It also has Anti-Glare solution which helps reduce eye strain and provide a better viewing experience.

The device’s optional mounting points also allows this touch screen PC to be used in a kiosk, either mounted on a wall or standing on a desk, for the purpose of providing informational detail to customers, visitors or whomever.

If you want to know more about the ASUS A4110 all in one touch PC and what it can do for you at home or in your business, simply talk to the team at Techware Solutions.

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